This award is presented to an active New England Section Ninety-Nines member in recognition of her outstanding service and contribution to the field of aviation, and to The Ninety-Nines organization. This is the highest and most prestigious honor the Section can bestow on a member.

CRITERIA FOR THE AWARD    Consideration includes, but is not limited to:

Active participation in activities for the benefit and advancement of general aviation, including the fostering, promoting, developing or
implementing procedures or programs in education and career opportunities.

Being an enthusiastic supporter of The Ninety-Nines organization by regularly attending meetings and participating in activities for the benefit and advancement of the Ninety-Nines programs locally, regionally, and internationally.

Being an outstanding role model for women interested in aviation — either as a career or as a rewarding leisure activity.

The award is given in recognition of the spirit and unselfish service given in active participation in the field of aviation and The Ninety-Nines organization. Accumulation of ratings or participation in competitive events do not, in themselves, meet the purpose of the award.


2023 Mary Build (left) awarding Lori Plourd


1972    Lois Auchterlonie
1973    Peg Davidson
1974    Catherine Hiller
1975    Marie Lepore
1976    Frances Porter
1977    Nancy Tier
1978    Teddy Kenyon
1979    Ruth Zimmerman
1980    Alma Gallagher Smith
1981    Chris Seaver
1982    Jean Batchelder
1983    Mildred Doremus
1984    Not Given
1985    Frankie Sutton
1986    Lorraine Richard
1987    Nancy Tier
1988    Harriet Fuller
1989    Not Given
1990    Mary Shea
1991    Evelyn Kropp
1992    Anne Baddour
1993    Aileen Anderson
1994    Sara Hayden
1995/6 Not Given
1997    Billie Downing
1998    Not Given
1999    Laurie Reeves
2000/3 Not Given
2004    Mary Build
2005-11 Not Given
2012    Pat Theberge
2013    Georgia Pappas
2014    Katharine Barr
(Voted to give every 2 years)
2016    Martha Dunbar
2017/18 Not Given
2019    Glenna Blackwell

2023 Lori Plourd